Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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‘No the roads, doctors, dentists and schools won’t cope’ – Readers react to plan for nearly 700 homes on golf course is agreed

The Bolton News reported about plans to construct up to 690 homes on a golf course in Salford are set to go forward, after an settlement was reached to promote the land to a developer for nearly £40m.

Bellway Homes will purchase Brackley Golf Course in Little Hulton for £39.3m.

Salford Council, which collectively owns the 27-hectare website off the M61, will pocket £18.5m from the sale – the greatest single capital receipt in its 47-yr historical past.

However, our reader reacted to the news on-line.

Steph Hampson stated: “No, the roads, doctors, dentists, schools etc wont cope. This has been petitioned against many times. You see the traffic counters go out, but only from 10am till 2pm, totally missing the carnage at rush hour.”

Paul David Corker stated: “No, when I bought my house I was told the golf course was green belt and it would never be built on. Now they want to make an entrance to it on my street, most families buying new houses have 2 cars now, so say hello to 1,400 cars driving down our nice quiet street twice a day!”

Chris Lowe stated: “No. Bolton’s road infrastructure won’t take it. It’s already going into an emissions controlled area. How can you then plan more cars in that area?”

David Smith stated: “The future is gridlock as if its not bad enough now.”

Robert Ruddick stated: “Why can’t they construct new homes on current plots, Bolton is stuffed with unoccupied terraced homes, they have already got drainage, utilities and street community. I’d sooner see an replace of the previous slightly than the new.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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