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“There should have been an entire story!” – Former WWE Writer on how Roman Reigns/Paul Heyman alliance should have been booked [Exclusive] 

Vince Russo has revealed how he would have booked the alliance between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman.

On the most recent episode of Writing with Russo – the present the place Vince Russo explains how he would have booked WWE storylines – the previous WWE author defined there should have been a narrative constructed across the relationship between the 2 first.

Russo would additionally say that Brock Lesnar should have performed an enormous half within the story, and will nonetheless play an enormous half upon his return.

Here is what Vince Russo needed to say on the alliance between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman:

“This is where they’ve already dropped the ball. First of all, if you remember, when we first saw Heyman with Reigns… It was the end of a SmackDown and we saw a shot of Reigns and then we panned over to him? No! There should have been an entire story! Paul going from Brock to Reigns. Whether he was fired, whether there was a disagreement, whether he didn’t like the way the company was using him… “Paul, you’re speculated to be in there negotiating. You’re doing nothing for me.” You’ve got to give me that story first. Ok? So now we know they split, now we know why they split. We didn’t get any of that! Then you have to start leading into Paul really becoming subservient to Reigns.”

Vince Russo says the Roman Reigns/Paul Heyman alliance may very well be used to gas Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE

Vince Russo would go on to clarify how a shift in Paul Heyman’s relationship with Reigns may very well be used to deliver Brock Lesnar again to WWE tv.

“You start getting sympathy over Heyman for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. Just have Roman dogging him. Then, we see him on the phone… He puts the phone away. You start dropping little clues he’s talking to somebody. Of course, everybody’s going to want him to be talking to Brock! That’s what everybody is going to want.”

You can watch the clip from Writing with Russo beneath:

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Published 23 Feb 2021, 00:26 IST

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