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Minecraft Achievement Guide: I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Minecraft Bedrock gamers can earn the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievement by killing an illager raid captain for the primary time.

Illagers are a assortment of harmful and hostile mobs in Minecraft. They function the antagonists to the peaceable villagers of the Overworld. These mobs look just like villagers in look however are removed from pleasant and have a distinctive grey tint to their pores and skin.

On sure events, Minecraft gamers can encounter an illager mob who’s a raid captain. These mobs are distinguishable by the Ominous Banner above their head, which makes them simple to identify amongst different illager mobs.

This article breaks down tips on how to discover and kill a raid captain in Minecraft, thereby explaining tips on how to acquire the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievement on Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Achievement: I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Illager raid captains can usually be discovered as members of illager patrols or close to pillager outpost constructions.

Pillager patrols happen as soon as a Minecraft participant has spent 5 full in-game days or 100 minutes taking part in on their particular world. Once this situation has been met, the sport will try to spawn in a patrol each 10 to 11 minutes.

There is barely about a 20% probability for every try to achieve success. Luckily for gamers although, the patrol will normally spawn at a random location that’s solely about 24-48 blocks away from the place the participant is in-game.

Patrols can spawn in each biome excluding mushroom fields, mushroom area shores, the Nether, the End, rivers, frozen rivers, snowy tundras, snowy mountains and legacy frozen oceans.

Five pillager mobs spawn as members of the patrol, with certainly one of them being the raid captain. As talked about beforehand, the raid captain shall be distinguishable by the Ominous Banner above its head.

Pillagers raid captains will also be discovered residing close to pillager outposts, the place one to 3 completely different raid captains can normally be discovered.

Pillager outpost constructions may be discovered all through the Overworld of Minecraft, however gamers can consult with this information if they’re dealing with problem finding one on their explicit sport world.

Once a Minecraft participant has discovered a pillager captain, defeating them in fight mustn’t show to be very tough. To be secure, gamers ought to equip themselves with at the very least a primary set of armor, an iron high quality sword and a few items of meals.

Pillagers solely have 12 hearts value of well being, which implies that they are often minimize down comparatively rapidly. However, gamers ought to nonetheless watch out of the projectiles from their crossbows when getting into fight with these mobs.

Defeating an illager raid captain will grant the Bad Omen standing impact, which gamers can use to set off the beginning of a pillager raid by getting into into any village.

However, as soon as a raid captain is defeated, Minecraft gamers shall be instantly granted the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievement on Bedrock Edition.

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