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A 12-team playoff won’t change the fact that the same schools win every year

Clemson and Alabama are two of the four teams that have dominated the CFP landscape. That’s not likely to change in an expanded format.

Clemson and Alabama are two of the 4 groups that have dominated the CFP panorama. That’s not prone to change in an expanded format.
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Well, girls and gents, it seems to be like a 12-team faculty soccer playoff format could possibly be on the horizon.

The College Football Playoff’s working group, which consists of SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson and Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick, is anticipated to launch a advice for an expanded playoff format.

It’s an fascinating thought that will create extra playoff soccer for groups throughout division one which could possibly be entertaining. It will even possible create more cash for schools and conferences.

But let’s not child ourselves right here, it’s not going to repair parity in faculty soccer like many have been brainwashed to imagine. The schools and playoff organizers need you to suppose that is about parity and everybody getting a shot, when essentially it’s extra centered round producing extra cash in a sport that refuses to pay for its labor.

I’m not even mad that the playoff organizers and schools are reaching for more cash, I simply want they’d come out and say that after which pay their employees accordingly. But they won’t, particularly with NIL on the rise.

If you need to repair parity in faculty soccer, you must make stricter guidelines on recruiting so that every 5-star athlete can’t attend Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, or Oklahoma, who’ve dominated the present four-team format. Out of the 28 spots accessible in the playoff since 2014, these schools have accounted for 20.

But the NCAA can’t restrict recruiting and limit the place these 5-star athletes select to go play, in order that they’re caught between a rock and onerous place. And their answer is simply so as to add extra video games, when essentially what we are going to proceed to see is the same schools persistently making it to the “Final Four” every year… once more.

You need to know why? Because they nonetheless have the greatest gamers on the discipline 9 out of 10 occasions. If you need proof of this, simply have a look at the majority of 1-seed versus 4-seed video games that we’ve had in the faculty soccer playoff since 2014. Most of those matchups have been duds as a result of, in a typical faculty soccer season, there should not 4 groups ok to win a nationwide title. And there undoubtedly won’t be 12.

In addition, the NCAA is now introducing the risk of extra accidents to student-athletes, as a result of they might must go on the market and play extra video games in a sport that’s already violent.

If this passes, it possible won’t obtain the targets that the playoff organizers and schools say it can. But we all know what the actual motive is right here.

Luckily for the followers, this might give us some extra entertaining playoff video games but it surely possible won’t change the general final result. You’ll see that the conventional greatest groups with the greatest expertise win.

It’s that easy. But hey we’ll see how this goes.

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