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3 most popular Poison Pokemon in Hoenn

Poison-type Pokemon have at all times been thought-about one of many most harmful typings in the collection.

There are fairly a couple of Poison-type Pokemon, and several other of them include a second typing. It began with the likes of Beedrill, Gengar, and Nidoking. They set the bar fairly excessive.

In Hoenn, a couple of fan favorites from earlier Generations have been included alongside model new Poison-types that gained some reputation. The Hoenn area most positively introduced the products in phrases of Poison-type Pokemon.

Note: This article is subjective and displays the opinion of the author.

3 most popular Poison Pokemon in Hoenn

#3 – Muk

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image through The Pokemon Company

Grimer might be discovered on the Fiery Path of Hoenn. Grimer, in fact, evolves into Muk. Muk is likely one of the authentic 151 Pokemon and is a reasonably strong Poison-type. Muk can be fairly underrated.

105 HP, 105 Attack, and 100 Special Defense are excellent stats. It solely has weaknesses to Ground and Psychic. Being an authentic Pokemon, it was sure to be extra popular than some others in Hoenn.

#2 – Crobat

Image through The Pokemon Company

In nearly each Generation of Pokemon, Zubat will be discovered in caves. As annoying as Zubat could also be, its evolutions are nice. Crobat was launched in Generation II however is an excellent Poison/Flying-type for a Hoenn crew.

It has insane Speed at a base of 130. The remainder of its stats are a bit decrease however are pretty balanced. Being sooner than most Pokemon sees Crobat given the chance to dish out some toxic injury. Fans completely love that.

#1 – Roselia

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image through The Pokemon Company

Roselia was a model new Grass/Poison-type Pokemon launched in Generation III’s Hoenn area. It instantly gave all different Grass and Poison-types a run for his or her cash. Roselia grew to become popular proper off the bat.

Now, it has an evolution in the type of Roserade that’s much more popular, however Roselia is wonderful all by itself. 100 Special Attack and 80 Special Defense allowed it to face up to hits and dish out lots of the most highly effective Special Grass-type strikes.

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