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Photo tour of Jezero Crater: Here’s where Perseverance will land on Mars

NASA is scheduled to land its Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter on Mars right now (Feb. 18) and the company selected the proper spot for a landing: Jezero Crater. 

Jezero Crater is positioned within the so-called Isidis Planitia area, simply north of the equator within the japanese hemisphere of Mars. This flat plain is positioned inside an enormous 750-mile-wide (1,200 kilometers) basin that was carved out 3 billion to 4 billion years in the past when a comet or massive asteroid slammed into the Red Planet. A smaller meteorite, a while later, created Jezero inside this bigger influence basin. Evidence suggests a river as soon as flowed into Jezero, where it shaped a delta that has lengthy since dried up, in line with NASA. Here’s a take a look at Perseverance’s touchdown spot.

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