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Perseverance rover has sent back stunning video and audio from Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has sent back astonishing video footage of its 18 February touchdown on Mars. These movies give us probably the most intimate look ever on the strategy of setting a spacecraft down on the Martian floor.

During the touchdown, 5 cameras took movies: two on the back of the capsule holding the rover, one on the sky crane that acted as a jet pack to decrease the rover its last 2000 metres or so to the floor and two on the rover itself.

The movies present the parachute opening to decelerate the spacecraft, and then the warmth protect dropping to the floor of Mars as soon as Perseverance is shifting sluggish sufficient to not want it anymore.

“You can get a sense really of how violent that parachute deploy and inflation are,” stated Al Chen, a Perseverance engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, throughout a press convention. “The parachute is packed so densely that the pack is basically the same density as oak, and it’s about 150 pounds. It gets launched out of the spacecraft with a mortar, which is basically a cannon, with a muzzle velocity of around 100 miles per hour.”


The footage then reveals the bottom as Perseverance hurtles in the direction of it. Finally, totally different digital camera angles present each the rover and the sky crane reducing it to the floor, in addition to wind from the crane’s thrusters blowing up mud throughout the last phases of the touchdown. The rover touched down at about 2.6 kilometres per second and then pyrotechnically fired blades to sever it from the crane.

During the touchdown, the spacecraft collected about 30 gigabytes of knowledge and greater than 23,000 photographs, stated Perseverance crew member Dave Gruel at JPL throughout the press convention. NASA has begun to launch these photographs to the general public. The crew has additionally launched the primary audio ever recorded on Mars. While the microphone didn’t work throughout the touchdown, it did document the Martian breeze blowing over the rover as soon as it was on the floor.

You can hear within the clip under the high-pitched sound of the rover with a decrease rumble of slight wind:

The first few checks on the spacecraft’s standing have gone effectively, so the crew is now shifting on to carry out additional checks and calibrations. “The wheels, if you noticed in the image now, are off to the side. We will be performing a wiggle, we’ll straighten those up, we’ll do a short drive and…deploy the robotic arm and then continue with further in-depth checkouts,” stated mission crew member Jessica Samuels at JPL within the press convention.

After these checks, Perseverance will start roving the Red Planet, taking samples that will probably be returned to Earth by a deliberate future mission and in search of indicators that Mars might have as soon as hosted life. Researchers have already begun analysing the photographs from close to the place the rover landed to find out what forms of rocks are there and how they have been fashioned.

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