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NASA Delays Ingenuity’s First Flight on Mars Due to Test-Spin Alert

NASA has delayed the primary flight of its Ingenuity Mars helicopter after an important test-spin of the drone’s rotor blades abruptly stopped.

This was the final main check to ensure that the helicopter can be prepared for its first flight, which was initially scheduled for early Monday.


Now NASA has delayed the historic liftoff — which might mark the primary powered, managed flight on one other planet – to Wednesday.

For the check on Friday, Ingenuity was supposed to spin its blades at full pace whereas on the bottom.

The two pairs of blades ought to have spun in reverse instructions at greater than 2,500 rotations per minute – about eight instances quicker than an Earth helicopter.

On flight day, they will want that pace to carry the 4-pound drone into the skinny Martian ambiance.

That air has simply 1 % the density of Earth’s ambiance, making Ingenuity’s process the equal of flying thrice larger than the height of Mount Everest.

But that check spin was abruptly halted when a “watchdog” timer expired, NASA introduced on Saturday.

This timer ended the command sequence that was instructing Ingenuity to conduct every step of the check. The cease occurred because the command sequence was attempting to transition the helicopter’s flight laptop from “pre-flight” to “flight” mode.

“The watchdog timer oversees the command sequence and alerts the system to any potential issues. It helps the system stay safe by not proceeding if an issue is observed and worked as planned,” NASA’s announcement stated.


It’s not but clear what the difficulty was, however NASA stated the helicopter is “safe and healthy” and absolutely speaking with mission controllers on Earth.

The company’s helicopter group is reviewing knowledge from the check to diagnose the difficulty. NASA can have to reattempt the full-speed spin earlier than Ingenuity can fly.

Ingenuity may fly up to 5 instances on Mars

Ingenuity traveled practically 300 million miles to Mars tucked contained in the stomach of the Perseverance rover.

It has efficiently unfolded itself from its underbelly hideaway, dropped to the bottom, survived frigid Martian nights on its personal, charged up with photo voltaic power, and performed a sequence of system checks.

All the checkouts and exams had gone properly till Friday’s full-speed spin.

“So far so good, knock on wood,” MiMi Aung, the challenge supervisor for Ingenuity, stated in a briefing earlier than that ultimate check on Friday.

A photograph of the helicopter Ingenuity on the surface of Mars.Ingenuity on the floor of Mars. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU)

For its first flight, Ingenuity is meant to carry itself about 10 toes into the air, hover, then decrease itself safely again to the bottom. If that goes properly, Ingenuity may try up to 4 extra more and more troublesome flights.

“We’re all kind of a little bit nervous and excited at the same time,” Thomas Zurbuchen, the company’s affiliate administrator for science, instructed Insider on Friday. “We’re all ready, but we’ll all feel better when it’s done – and successful.”


This is a flight experiment, meant to show that rotorcraft know-how can work on Mars.

If it succeeds, it may open the door for future space-helicopters to examine areas that rovers cannot attain – mountains, canyons, and rocky terrains – and even do reconnaissance for future Mars astronauts.

“Suppose that it does, in fact, work. What we will have proven is that we can add an aerial dimension to discovery and exploration on Mars,” Zurbuchen stated. “That aerial dimension, of course, opens up aspects of science and overall exploration that, frankly, at this moment in time, are only our dreams.”

This article was initially revealed by Business Insider.

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