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Cheap covid-19 antibody test shows if you have immunity in 5 minutes

Illustration of antibodies (cream colour) responding to an infection with the coronavirus (orange colour)

Illustration of antibodies (cream) responding to an an infection with the coronavirus (orange)


An affordable 5-minute test can precisely decide whether or not you have had covid-19 in the previous or decide whether or not you have safety from a vaccine by detecting antibodies in blood or saliva.

When an individual is contaminated with the coronavirus or is vaccinated in opposition to it, their immune system produces antibodies to battle the virus. These antibodies proceed to be produced for at the very least six months, to allow them to be used to detect a previous an infection or vaccine response. Tests for coronavirus antibodies exist already, however they are typically costly, difficult or not very correct.

Feng Yan on the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and his colleagues made a less expensive, extra handy covid-19 antibody test utilizing natural electrochemical transistors. These convert organic indicators to electrical indicators, and have gotten in style for detecting organic molecules like proteins and glucose.

A drop of blood or saliva is positioned on one in all these transistors, which is manufactured from gold and embedded in a small plastic strip. As coronavirus antibodies bind to it, the transistor produces electrical indicators which can be learn by a light-weight moveable meter linked through Bluetooth to a cell phone. The entire course of takes lower than 5 minutes.

The test proved to be extremely correct at measuring coronavirus antibodies when it was tried on samples of blood and saliva that had been spiked with totally different antibody ranges in the lab, together with very low ranges.

Yan and his colleagues are actually planning a medical trial to substantiate the test additionally works in real-world settings. If the trial is profitable, the group will apply for approval to promote the test, which ought to price lower than $1 per test strip, says Yan.

Like different covid-19 antibody checks, the brand new test could possibly be helpful for estimating ranges of immunity to the virus – both from pure an infection or vaccination – in totally different populations, says Yan. It might additionally present when the protecting results of vaccines are beginning to put on off and booster pictures could also be wanted, he says.

However, the test can’t be used to see if persons are at present contaminated with covid-19, because it often takes every week or two following an infection for vital ranges of antibodies to be produced.

Journal reference: Science Advances, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abg8387

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