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What Foods DON’T You Like? | A Cup of Jo

Every few years, I can be at a market that has an array of probably the most lovely olives and I’m tempted…

…to purchase all of them. I really like how colourful they’re, how assorted their textures are, how elegant they give the impression of being when served with a hunk of Parm or spicy nuts. The one downside? I detest them. It’s not like I’m a fan of Kalamatas however not of Castelvetranos. Or that I just like the oil-cured however not the pimento-stuffed. I don’t like any of them. And this isn’t some picky-eater hold-out state of affairs, both. Every yr I’ll strive a bonafide chew — like not a nibble — to see if I’ve outgrown the aversion, and each time, I’m reminded how briskly I’d prefer to run in the other way of a Puttanesca.

I’m not proud of this! But I do take some consolation in the truth that different individuals who write about meals additionally harbor sudden aversions. Ina Garten famously despises cilantro and Ruth Reichl steers clear of honey.

What about you? Do you’ve gotten any meals aversions that folks may discover shocking?

P.S. Trader Joe’s meal hacks, and “why I never feel alone when I cook.”

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