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Weight loss story: “I started following the GM diet to lose weight” | The Times of India

I initially started by following the GM diet in the following method:

Day 1 — Fruits (solely Melons and Grapes).

Day 2 — Vegetables.

Day 3 — Fruits and greens.

Day 4 — Bananas and Skim milk.

Day 5 — 1 cup brown rice and Veg Salads

Day 6 — Onion Soup and greens.

Day 7 — Brown Rice, fruit, and greens.

Many stated that I wouldn’t give you the option to full it however I stored telling myself “It’s now or never”.

I may efficiently lose 3.5 kgs with the GM diet. Post that, I googled and bought few wholesome weight-reduction plan ideas then I made my very own weight-reduction plan chart based mostly on that.

My Breakfast (8:30): 2 slices Brown Bread with Onion and Tomato/ Carrot / 2 Boiled Egg (avoiding Yolk) + 500 ml water.

Pre-lunch Meal (11:00): 1 Apple + 250 ml water.

My Lunch (1:00): In lunch, I’ve a bowl full of greens, 2 chapatis + 500 ml water.

Post-Lunch Meal (4:00): 1 Pomegranate/Bowl of Papaya + 250 ml water.

Snacks (6:00): 2 Rusk + 250 ml water

My Dinner (8:30): I’ve 2 chapatis and a bowl of greens + 500 ml water.

I bask in: I had 3 cheat days in between the place I didn’t prohibit myself to eat/drink something (besides Milk and Sweets).

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