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The 11 don’ts of yoga – Times of India

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, yoga has turn into a component of the day by day routine of many. People who don’t like gymming, typically flip to yoga for his or her day by day dose of bodily exercise. The smartest thing is you do not want any gear to carry out yoga, just a few area and a yoga mat are all you want.

Yoga doesn’t simply assist enhance bodily well being however is nice in your psychological well being too. Here are 11 don’ts of yoga that you have to bear in mind earlier than practising yoga subsequent time.

Do not overexert

Even if you’re performing some easy asanas, don’t overexert your self. On the size of 1 to 10, the place 1 is the simplest, each asana you carry out doesn’t should be 10. Some will be 8, 7 and even lesser. Also, it is dependent upon your physique and day by day routine.


Do not carry out yoga in excessive climate circumstances, like when it’s too scorching, too chilly or too humid.

Mind your breath

Breathing performs an important function in yoga observe. One mustn’t maintain their breath unnaturally till instructed by the educated. Breathe usually until any particular directions are given.

Yoga after meals

Do not carry out yoga proper after having meals. Wait for not less than 2-3 hours in order that the meals can quiet down by the point you begin your observe.

Say no when exhausted

Many individuals take yoga observe as a light-weight one, which isn’t true. Yoga periods could make you sweat like something. Thus, when you find yourself drained or sick, keep away from practising yoga in order to not overexert your physique.

Take steering

This just isn’t a rule however a suggestion, don’t observe yoga alone. It’s finest to discover a companion and observe underneath any person’s steering.

Just studying and observe can result in muscle pull or discomfort. If you’re doing superior posture for the primary time, it is best to take somebody’s help.

Do not put on tight clothes

Say no to footwear and tight clothes whereas performing yoga. Tight higher again clothes can limit the motion of the rib cage and lung that can lead to incomplete respiratory.


It’s a should to take a bathe after a sweaty exercise. But don’t bathe instantly and let the physique dry usually earlier than you head to the bathe room.

Menstruation yoga

Do not do the ‘ft up’ (inverse) poses whereas menstruating. Perform easy leisure and respiratory poses if you are in your durations.

Post yoga exercise

It is recommended to not carry out any excessive-depth exercise post-yoga session. Perform it earlier than the yoga session if you’re planning to.


Do not drink an excessive amount of water in between the yoga observe. You can have some sips in between to beat your thirst. Having an excessive amount of water could make you are feeling heavy and hinder your observe.


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