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I Am Not Afraid of Being Alone –

Many of us are afraid of being alone.

The fact is, WE ARE ALONE.

Just as dying is definite, so is being alone. Born alone, die alone. It is the reality. Whether I really feel dangerous about it or am detached to it, the reality doesn’t care. It simply is.

Being “alone” is the reality. “Loneliness” is a alternative.

Many folks come into our lives after which go away. There is fixed welcome and farewell. Some keep for transient durations of time, by no means to be heard from once more. Some dip their toes into our life-stream intermittently over a number of years. Some trip alongside for many years after which go away. Literally nobody stays eternally. Which is why one should dwell their life precisely how they please. As against molding it round another person. Anyone else.

People coming and going will have an effect on our lives in refined and generally gut-wrenching methods. If we weave our threads tightly round others, the material of us shall be shredded. We will discover ourselves at some extent in life the place we is not going to know who we’re in any respect. And THAT is way worse than “alone” or “dead”.

Societal expectations, dad and mom, companions, siblings and pals. Everyone and every part has expectations. But what do I need?

This too, is frightening.

Which is why it’s simpler for us to wrap our life round another person. It is less complicated to react than to be proactive by discovering inner motivation – on our personal.

Self-discovery is a painful course of initially. The extra I ask myself, “What do I want?” and “How does that make ME feel?” the extra it will get satisfying and enriching. Curiosity about my very own self tickles me. And then, with the those that come and go, I am in a position to additional enrich my life by being interested by theirs.

There will at all times be extra those that I can have the privilege of being interested by. Without discovering a bit of extra of myself each different day, nonetheless, I’m a leaf floating within the ocean. Being swept away this manner and that. Drowned within the large waves, lulled within the coming and going of tides. Thrashed by frigid rain, crashing into the rocks. No alternative within the matter.

I am not a leaf. I am an individual. I am going to make use of my benefits and privileges to know myself higher.


Many of us have suffered losses this previous yr. Such is the character of life with or with out the pandemic. Having spoken with pals and acquaintances going by their very own losses, the above piece was born out of my very own learnings this previous yr. Going ahead into the brand new yr, as one does, I have questioned what my resolutions are, if any. This is the one one which holds water : to get to know myself higher. And then, to not be afraid of being myself.

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