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BJP-RSS ‘fake Hindus’, indulge in ‘brokerage’ of religion: Rahul Gandhi

Calling the BJP-RSS folks “fake Hindus”, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday alleged that they use faith for his or her profit and indulge in its ”dalali (brokerage)”.

Addressing the muse day of the All India Mahila Congress in New Delhi, Gandhi mentioned the ideology of the Congress is totally reverse of the BJP-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and just one of the 2 ideologies can rule the nation.

Asserting that Goddess Lakshmi stands for the facility that helps one attain one’s objectives and Goddess Durga stands for the facility that protects, the previous Congress chief mentioned whereas his celebration had strengthened these powers when in authorities, the ruling BJP dispensation have diminished these powers.

“Ye kis prakar ke Hindu hain? Ye jhoote Hindu hain. Ye Hindu dharm ka prayog karte hain, ye dharm ki dalali karte hain, magar ye Hindu nahin hain (What kind of Hindus are they? They are fake Hindus. They use Hindu religion, they indulge in brokerage of religion, but they are not Hindus,” Gandhi mentioned attacking the BJP and the RSS.

The former Congress chief alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “shivers with fear” and on China’s stern look says “no one has taken our land”.

“They (Chinese) took thousands of kilometers of land, but the Prime Minister of India says that no one took the land. … Whole life is a lie, he has run away from the truth. There is no power,” Gandhi mentioned attacking the prime minister.

The BJP lashed out at Gandhi, accusing him of being “disconnected from the ground”, after his “fake Hindus” comment and assault at Modi.

BJP nationwide normal secretary Arun Singh hit out at Gandhi saying that nobody takes him significantly.

“Rahul Gandhi should not make these statements. He is totally disconnected from the ground. He has no information. That is the main problem,” he informed reporters.

Gandhi mentioned, as a Congress employee, he understands that he can compromise with different ideologies however not with that of the BJP and the RSS.

He mentioned you will need to perceive the distinction between the ideology of the Congress and Mahatma Gandhi, and that of V D Savarkar and Nathuram Godse.

“The BJP-RSS people say they are a Hindu party. In the last 100-200 years if anyone has understood the Hindu religion in the best way and made it his practise, it is Mahatma Gandhi. We believe in this and so do the BJP-RSS people. So, if Mahatma Gandhi understood the Hindu religion and spent his whole life understanding it, then why did the RSS ideology pump three bullets in his chest,” the Congress chief mentioned.

Why did the RSS ideology pump bullets in an individual who is taken into account an instance by the entire world — from Nelson Mandela to Martin Luther King — and is thought to be the perfect instructor of ”Ahimsa” or non-violence, which is the muse of the Hindu faith, he mentioned.

Referring to Goddess Lakshmi as an influence that helps one attain one’s objectives and Goddess Durga as the facility that protects, Gandhi rhetorically requested that when Prime Minister Modi introduced demonetisation or deliver the GST and the farm legal guidelines, had been these powers strengthened. Mahila Congress employees responded by saying the powers had been diminished.

He additionally requested whether or not these powers had been boosted by the Congress when it introduced in insurance policies resembling MNREGA and RTI, and ”One Person, One Vote”, and the group shouted again that the powers had been strengthened.

Later in a tweet in Hindi, Gandhi mentioned, “Lakshmi’s power — employment, Durga’s power — fearlessness, Saraswati’s power — knowledge. The BJP is busy in snatching these powers from the people.”

On the Mahila Congress Foundation Day it’s “our resolve that we will fight to ensure that these powers reach the people”, he mentioned.

In his tackle on the occasion, Gandhi attacked the BJP, saying they name themselves a Hindu celebration and in the entire nation they “attack Lakshmi and Durga”.

“Wherever they go, they kill Lakshmi or Durga and then say we are Hindus,” Gandhi alleged.

The former Congress chief additionally alleged that the organisation of the RSS crushes “women power”, whereas the Congress” organisation provides it a platform.

“Narendra Modi and the RSS did not make a woman prime minister, the Congress did. So, for us be it a woman, man, Dalit, adivasi, he or she may be from Bengal, Haryana or Punjab, they are all one. We only see one thing whether the person gets scared or not, if he or she does not get scared, they are a Congressi, if they get scared then we have to make them into a Congressi,” he mentioned.

Gandhi alleged that the Modi authorities has taken the facility of Goddess Durga and Goddess Lakshmi from the fingers of farmers, labourers and the poor and has given it to three-four folks.

“Today in India, there are 10-15 people who have the power of Durga and Lakshmi, they are Modi ji’s friends. Ask the poor, go to the houses of farmers, ask if they have money to celebrate Diwali, they will say they don’t have it,” he mentioned.

The energy of Goddess Durga that was there in the fingers of the folks and one may say something and criticise Congress chief ministers and prime ministers has now been taken away, Gandhi mentioned.

The Congress chief alleged that phrases are dictated by the RSS-BJP to universities and he can’t even go to them.

“You have to tell the country that Narendra Modi has attacked the power that we call Lakshmi and the power that we call Durga,” he informed Mahila Congress employees and leaders.

“Don’t fight by deploying hatred, hate is not our tool, love is our tool,” the previous Congress chief asserted.

“The day we show hatred, we would have gotten scared and would not be Congress persons,” he added.

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