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Why Some ‘Super Ager’ Folks Keep Minds Dementia-Free

TUESDAY, Feb. 23, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Researchers might have uncovered a key purpose some folks stay sharp as a tack into their 80s and 90s: Their brains resist the buildup of sure proteins that mark Alzheimer’s illness.

The research targeted on what scientists have dubbed “super agers” — a choose group of older of us who’ve the reminiscence efficiency of individuals a long time youthful.

Compared with older individuals who had common mind energy, tremendous agers confirmed far much less proof of “tau tangles” of their brains, the researchers discovered.

Tau is a protein that, in wholesome mind cells, helps stabilize the inner construction. But irregular variations of tau — ones that cling to different tau proteins — can develop as nicely.

In folks with Alzheimer’s, the mind is marked by a big accumulation of these tau tangles, in addition to “plaques,” that are clumps of one other protein referred to as amyloid.

For years, amyloid plaques have gotten many of the consideration as a possible goal for Alzheimer’s therapy, stated researcher Tamar Gefen, who led the brand new research.

But a physique of proof tells a distinct story: It’s the buildup of tau — not amyloid — that correlates with a decline in reminiscence and pondering abilities, stated Gefen, an assistant professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, in Chicago.

These newest findings on tremendous agers, she stated, are in keeping with that analysis.

It’s not clear what number of tremendous agers are on the market. One purpose is that there is no single definition of the time period, stated Claire Sexton, director of scientific applications and initiatives on the Alzheimer’s Association.

This research concerned folks aged 80 and older. But different analysis, Sexton stated, has narrowed the main target to unusually sharp 90-somethings, and even centenarians.

The million-dollar query is: What does it take to be a member of this elite group?

It’s possible tremendous agers have genetics to thank, partially, in response to Sexton.

But most likely, she stated, it is a mixture of good genes, way of life elements and exposures over a lifetime, from bodily exercise, to social engagement, to mentally stimulating experiences.

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