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Revolutionary blood tests to change cancer care – ET HealthWorld

Revolutionary blood tests to change cancer careRajan Datar, Chairman, Datar Cancer Genetics, informs {that a} non-invasive blood check that may allow early detection of breast cancer will likely be out there in India shortly at an inexpensive value. The check can detect Stage 0 (DCIS) and Stage 1 breast cancers with an accuracy of higher than 99 % with none false positives.

Cancer being a posh illness, how are your diagnostics options total addressing in the present day’s cancer challenges? Can you share the initiatives on how you might be working in the direction of bettering the prognosis of varied forms of cancer?

Cancer is a ticking time bomb globally. Every yr about 18 million ladies and men are identified with varied cancers that are related to about 9 million deaths. This interprets into roughly 34 cancer instances being detected and 18 cancer associated deaths each minute. Diagnosis of cancer in superior phases and entry limitations to medical care are two major causes for increased cancer mortality charges.

Early detection of cancer is significant for profitable remedy and treatment. Late detection invariably leads to intensive and poisonous remedies, excessive remedy prices and remedy failure.

EasyCheck is a revolutionary blood check developed by Datar Cancer Genetics for early detection of greater than 30 forms of cancers. We are presently engaged on early prognosis of a number of extraordinarily deadly malignancies reminiscent of lung, pancreas and ovaries moreover non-invasive tests for prognosis of mind tumors.

Can you inform us concerning the breast cancer detection blood check know-how by Datar Genetics, which is recognised by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted ‘Breakthrough Designation’? How is the test going to transform the breast cancer space?

The blood test has been granted ‘Breakthrough Designation’ by USFDA uses a proprietary technology developed by us that will detect circulating tumor cells and clusters specific to breast cancer with very high accuracy. Data from clinical trials has shown that the test can detect Stage 0 (DCIS) and Stage 1 breast cancers with accuracy of better than 99 percent without any false positives.

This is the first time that women above the age of 40 can obtain a breast cancer specific blood test in consultation with their physician from the convenience and privacy of their home or office. The ease of doing a blood test is expected to greatly encourage many asymptomatic women to go for the test.

Breast cancer being the most prevalent cancer in women, in India, how is this test going to help Indian women? What impact will it have in the overall cost of treatment? When will this test be available in India, how are you trying to scale it up?

Breast cancer is a global challenge with more than 2.3 million cases reported annually. More than 700,000 women die of breast cancer each year. One in twenty-two urban women in India is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime.

Due to changes in lifestyle as well as acquired and hereditary risk factors, these numbers are slated to increase in the future. Studies have shown that early detection of cancer improves survival rates. EasyCheck-Breast is a noninvasive blood test that can enable early detection of breast cancer in asymptomatic individuals. Late-stage diagnosis leads to survival in only about 22 percent breast cancer cases, but early diagnosis may lead to survival in more than 90 percent of women. This test will be available in India shortly at a reasonable price. The company is in discussions with several leading healthcare providers for ready accessibility.

How likely do you think truly personalized medicine is helpful in cancer diagnosis? How are you driving the future of precision cancer diagnostics?

The present system of treating cancer is based upon statistical probability and typically chemotherapy is seen to work in about 30 percent of the patients. Almost 80 percent of patients who initially respond to treatment will eventually stop responding. This is because every person’s cancer is completely different from that of one other though it could contain the identical organ.

For the final a few years we’ve been utilizing a novel multi- analyte method to give exact remedy steerage for sufferers who’ve failed a number of strains of remedy with nearly 95 % of sufferers getting higher. Detecting cancer early is significant for saving lives and exact cancer prognosis utilizing the circulating tumor cells and clusters remoted from a person’s blood is aimed toward that.

Role of recent-gen know-how is getting larger in diagnostics, how do you see AI, ML, and blockchain within the prognosis of cancer, significantly breast cancer?

New know-how coupled with time examined medical knowledge is definitively altering the cancer panorama. However, know-how alone is insufficient to tackle essential medical selections the place excessive warning is required earlier than any intervention.

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