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Color blindness-correcting contact lenses

Imagine seeing the world in muted shades — grey sky, grey grass. Some folks with colour blindness see all the pieces this fashion, although most cannot see particular colours. Tinted glasses might help, however they can not be used to right blurry imaginative and prescient. And dyed contact lenses presently in growth for the situation are probably dangerous and unstable. Now, in ACS Nano, researchers report infusing contact lenses with gold nanoparticles to create a safer method to see colours.

Some day by day actions, resembling figuring out if a banana is ripe, choosing matching garments or stopping at a purple mild, might be troublesome for these with colour blindness. Most folks with this genetic dysfunction have bother discriminating purple and inexperienced shades, and red-tinted glasses could make these colours extra outstanding and simpler to see. However, these lenses are cumbersome and the lens materials can’t be made to repair imaginative and prescient issues. Thus, researchers have shifted to the event of particular tinted contact lenses. Although the prototype hot-pink dyed lenses improved red-green colour notion in medical trials, they leached dye, which led to issues about their security. Gold nanocomposites are unhazardous and have been used for hundreds of years to provide “cranberry glass” due to the best way they scatter mild. So, Ahmed Salih, Haider Butt and colleagues needed to see whether or not incorporating gold nanoparticles into contact lens materials as an alternative of dye might enhance red-green distinction safely and successfully.

To make the contact lenses, the researchers evenly blended gold nanoparticles right into a hydrogel polymer, producing rose-tinted gels that filtered mild inside 520-580 nm, the wavelengths the place purple and inexperienced overlap. The simplest contact lenses had been these with 40 nm-wide gold nanoparticles, as a result of in exams, these particles didn’t clump or filter extra colour than essential. In addition, these lenses had water-retention properties just like these of business ones and weren’t poisonous to cells rising in petri dishes within the lab. Finally, the researchers instantly in contrast their new materials to 2 commercially obtainable pairs of tinted glasses, and their beforehand developed hot-pink dyed contact lens. The gold nanocomposite lenses had been extra selective within the wavelengths they blocked than the glasses. The new lenses matched the wavelength vary of the dyed contact lenses, suggesting the gold nanocomposite ones could be appropriate for folks with red-green colour points with out the potential security issues. The researchers say that the following step is to conduct medical trials with human sufferers to evaluate consolation.

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