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Live updates: SpaceX launch from the Kennedy Space Center

The Inspiration4 crew experiencing weightlessness during Zero-G flight on July 11, 2021.
The Inspiration4 crew experiencing weightlessness throughout Zero-G flight on July 11, 2021.

There aren’t any official coaching necessities for an area tourism mission. Legally, if one selected to, they may simply stroll proper as much as the launch pad, strap in, and blast off with out having any thought what to do in any respect as soon as they obtained up there apart from float round for a bit.

But the crew has spent the previous six months taking over a coaching routine with SpaceX, and so they’ve additionally gone on a number of bonding excursions to get comfy with one another. (They will, in spite of everything, must sleep, eat, use the toilet and primarily turn into extraordinarily close-quarter roommates throughout their three-day journey.)

So far, they’ve:

  • gotten acquainted with their Crew Dragon capsule and been fitted for spacesuits at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California
  • hiked Mount Rainier in Washington state
  • taken a spin in a centrifuge to get accustomed to the intense G-forces that may push them into their seats throughout launch and through reentry. (According to the Netflix documentary, Sembroski vomited.)

They’ve additionally studied the Crew Dragon guide ahead and backward, used a particular simulator to get their bearings in the capsule, and even achieved a 30-hour follow run.

“Throughout our training journey, it is front-loaded with a lot of academics. And then it moves into simulator work,” Isaacman instructed CNN Business. “What you don’t spend time training on is just the everyday normal stuff, like how are we going to take food out of the packaging without getting debris everywhere?”

For the document, the crew additionally practiced that too, for good measure.

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