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Letter: Recognising signs of a diabetic hypo can save a life

For many individuals residing with diabetes, hypos are a half of life. But they can be scary and harmful, and can result in blurred imaginative and prescient, confusion, seizures and, in extreme circumstances, unconsciousness and coma.

So, to mark Hypo Awareness Week which runs till Sunday, Diabetes UK wish to shine a highlight on what hypos are and the right way to deal with them.

Hypos (quick for hypoglycaemia) can have an effect on individuals with kind 1 diabetes, in addition to many with kind 2 diabetes who use insulin or sure different diabetes medicines.

A hypo is when the blood sugars drop too low, beneath 4mmol/l. It can be harmful if not handled instantly, because it means the mind doesn’t have sufficient power to work correctly. It can occur for numerous causes, together with taking an excessive amount of insulin, lacking a meal or miscalculating carbs.

Hypos should be handled shortly with fast-acting sugar, in order that blood sugar ranges rise once more. Good hypo therapies embrace sugary drinks (not weight loss plan variations), fruit juice, glucose tablets or gel or sweets like jelly infants.

If somebody tells you they’ve diabetes and are having a hypo, you can assist them to search out or get a sugary drink or some sweets, but when they develop into unconscious name an ambulance. If you could have diabetes and you might be experiencing frequent hypos, communicate to your healthcare crew who can assist you to make modifications to your medicine or insulin doses.

Everyone has completely different hypo signs, however the most typical are feeling shaky; feeling disorientated; sweating; being anxious or irritable; going pale; palpitations and a quick pulse; lips feeling tingly; blurred imaginative and prescient; feeling hungry; feeling tearful; tiredness; having a headache; or lack of focus.

For extra data, go to https://www.diabetes.org.uk/guide-to-diabetes/complications/hypos.

Clare Howarth

Head of the North of England at Diabetes UK

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