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UN Scientists: Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss. Two Parts. One Problem.

While the Caribbean boasts endemic species, rich land and marine ecosystems, for some countries limited land for economic development results in natural habitat degradation and deforestation, which is exacerbated by climate change. Credit: Alison Kentish/IPS
While the Caribbean boasts endemic species, wealthy land and marine ecosystems, for some international locations restricted land for financial growth ends in pure habitat degradation and deforestation, which is exacerbated by local weather change. Credit: Alison Kentish/IPS
  • by Alison Kentish (united nations)
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It is the results of the primary collaboration between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

“This has the potential to be game-changing both in terms of the way research is done and to highlight the synergies between these topics. Oftentimes, because we work in silos, we tend to forget that there is such a strong interconnection between these systems and clearly between climate and biodiversity,” co-author Shobha Maharaj informed IPS.

Maharaj is a lead creator on the small islands chapter of the IPPC’s sixth Assessment Report on the state of scientific, technical and socio-economic information on local weather change and 1 of fifty main local weather and biodiversity scientists who met just about in December 2020, to discover the advanced connections between the 2 fields.

Their workshop report was offered to the media on Thursday.

Among its arguments for addressing world warming and species loss concurrently is proof of some narrowly-focused local weather fixes that inadvertently speed up the extinction of plant and animal species.

According to the report, the scientific neighborhood has been engaged on synergies, or actions to guard biodiversity that contribute to local weather change mitigation.

“There are some measures that people have been taking that are considered to be climate mitigation, but when done on a large scale can be harmful,” Maharaj stated. For instance, if you happen to plant timber on a savannah grassland this will hurt a whole ecosystem. We all the time must step again and take a look at the large image and that is turning into extra built-in into the present dialogue between local weather change and biodiversity, so it’s positively headed in the suitable course.”

Maharaj says the findings might be instructive for areas just like the Caribbean, one of many world’s biodiversity hotspots. While the world boasts endemic species, wealthy land and marine ecosystems, for some international locations restricted land for financial growth ends in pure habitat degradation and deforestation, which is exacerbated by local weather change.

“Something as simple as the development of a regional protected area, rather than each island having its own protected area would go a long way in terms of highlighting, developing and growing the synergies and dealing with the trade-offs between biodiversity and climate change,” she informed IPS.

The peer-reviewed report comes forward of two main local weather conferences this yr; the United Nations Biodiversity Conference, referred to as COP15, in October and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in November.

Co-Chair of the IPBES-IPCC Scientific Steering Committee, Prof. Hans-Otto Pörtner stated a sustainable future for individuals and nature stays attainable, however requires ‘rapid and far-reaching’ motion.

“Solving some of the strong and apparently unavoidable trade-offs between climate and biodiversity will entail a profound collective shift of individual and shared values concerning nature – such as moving away from the conception of economic progress based solely on GDP growth, to one that balances human development with multiple values of nature for a good quality of life, while not overshooting biophysical and social limits,” he stated.

The report lists measures to fight each local weather change and biodiversity loss.

It cites ecosystems restoration as one of many most cost-effective and quickest nature-based local weather mitigation options. Mangrove restoration, specifically, meets a number of world biodiversity and local weather targets.

It additionally requires a rise in sustainable agriculture and forestry, better-targeted conservation actions and an finish to subsidies that assist actions which are detrimental to biodiversity reminiscent of deforestation and over-fishing.

But it warned that simply as local weather change and biodiversity are inseparable, nature-based local weather mitigation measures can solely succeed alongside formidable reductions in human-caused greenhouse fuel emissions.

“Land and ocean are already doing a lot, absorbing almost 50 percent of carbon dioxide from human emissions, but nature cannot do everything,” stated Ana María Hernández Salgar, Chair of IPBES.

The 2019 Global Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, the primary of its form in a decade, acknowledged that the speed of world change in nature within the final half-century was unprecedented in historical past. It warned that the ruthless demand for earth’s sources had resulted in a single million plant and animal species dealing with extinction inside many years, with implications for public well being.

Meanwhile, a current World Meteorological Organisation ‘State of the Global Climate Report,’ discovered that concentrations of the key greenhouse gases elevated, regardless of a short lived discount in emissions in 2020, attributable to COVID-19 containment measures. The report additionally famous that 2020 was one of many 3 warmest years on report.

This week’s IPBES-IPCC Co-Sponsored Workshop Report on Biodiversity and Climate Change underscores that motion is required on each the local weather change and biodiversity entrance – however going ahead, have to be addressed as 2 components of 1 downside.

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