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Judge vacates 1974 rape conviction after Massachusetts fails to preserve evidence, victim raises ‘serious doubts’ about her identification

Clark, who was launched from jail Wednesday, is “absolutely thrilled” about the choice, his lawyer Jeffrey Harris advised CNN.

“He’s been arguing for 50 years that he got an unfair trial — the court agreed with him. This is in no small part due to an amazing person who came forward and said she might have gotten the wrong guy in 1973,” Harris mentioned. “We really appreciate the work the DA’s office did, the consideration of Judge Roach, and the superior court. We’re really happy with this outcome.”

District Attorney Rachael Rollins mentioned the case got here to her workplace’s consideration after the victim raised doubts about figuring out Clark.

He spent years in prison for the rape of author Alice Sebold, the subject of her memoir, 'Lucky.' A judge just exonerated him

“When we began looking further into the case, we learned that nearly half a century ago, the Commonwealth lost or destroyed evidence that had the potential to be exculpatory,” Rollins mentioned. “Both the defendant and this administration have been denied the opportunity to perform modern forensic testing due to the failure of previous administrations to maintain that DNA evidence. The Commonwealth should never benefit from our failures and wrongdoings.”

Clark goes to have Thanksgiving along with his solely residing relative, his brother, Harris mentioned.

“He’s going to be out and around family — that’s not nothing,” his lawyer added.

Clark’s different convictions associated to the 1973 incident, together with unarmed theft and kidnapping, weren’t impacted as these convictions have been primarily based on different proof and testimony, in accordance to the discharge.

“Prosecutors are, first and foremost, ministers of justice,” Rollins mentioned within the launch. “We must never prioritize finality over justice. If we discover that the Commonwealth did not meet the high standard required of us, we must always act in the interests of justice. That is exactly what we did here.”

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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