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Mischa Barton Recalls Being a “Strange Sex Symbol” at 13 Years Old – E! Online

Opening up about her fiery O.C. exit was solely the start. Now Mischa Barton is sharing each final uncomfortable fact about rising up as a youngster star within the ’90s and early ’00s.

In a private essay for Harper’s Bazaar U.K., the 35-yr-outdated actress revealed that the previous yr of quarantine, “has brought a fresh life perspective and prompted me to reflect upon the trauma I have been so scared to speak out about for many years.”

Chief amongst them, the truth that she felt sexualized at the same time as a younger actress. “The truth is that sexuality has always been a component of my career,” Barton wrote. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved being an actress and my work on stage. I felt very grown-up, proud of my work and really committed myself to it, but I was still just a child.”

The London-born, New York-raised actress made her onscreen appearing debut at age 9 on a 1995 episode of All My Children. Her film debut, Lawn Dogs, a fantasy drama that handled themes of kid molestation, was launched simply two years later.

Barton wrote in her essay that “while the crew did everything to ensure that I wasn’t exposed to the realities of what all that meant, when I did press for the film, it became clear that it was very mature content.”

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