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Mia Martina’s New Book Helps Women ‘Stick Together’ & ‘Get The Right Mindset To Be Successful’

‘Stereo Love’ singer Mia Martina desires girls to cease one another ‘as competition.’ She tells HollywoodLife how her new e book ‘Boss Up Your Life’ encourages girls how you can ‘move in a sisterhood’ in direction of success.

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“I found that a lot of my accomplishments were never celebrated,” Mia Martina stated as she mirrored on the early phases of being a multi-platinum music artist in a “male dominated” business. The singer — who shot to fame along with her 2010 dance hit, “Stereo Love” — is ensuring different girls and women don’t need to embark on their very own journeys in direction of success with out a mentor by their facet in her new e book, Boss Up Your Life: A Girl’s Guide To Her Dream Career, which is out right now (April 8). While Mia and her co-author, e book writer Ky-Lee Hanson, aren’t right here to “tell you what to do,” she does EXCLUSIVELY inform HollywoodLife how the e book will get you “to be successful” by tapping into the “right mindset” and counting on different girls. This camaraderie was a luxurious that Mia didn’t at all times have.

boss up your life book
The entrance cowl of Mia Martina and Ky-Lee Hanson’s new e book, Boss Up Your Life: A Girl’s Guide To Her Dream Career. You should buy it on Amazon, right here.

“I want [the book] to really focus [on] how important it is, as us as women, to work together and collaborate with each other. Because that’s the only way to push barriers — is if we help one another, and we really move in a sisterhood. Because that’s what men do,” Mia defined, saying “that’s why [men] are where they are — that’s why they support each other.”

“We need to do the same…we have to stop looking at another woman as our competition,” Mia continued. “More and more women are becoming more inviting — in inviting that sisterhood — but it really needs to come from a genuine place. And that’s really what me and Ky-Lee want to emphasize on, especially for the younger generation. We just really do need to stick together and support each other. It’s so important.”

Mia Martina
Mia Martina is thought for songs like “Stereo Love,” “Latin Moon,” “Burning” and “Beast.” She has additionally launched three albums.

Mia’s providing her assist to different girls within the type of a e book “full of tips,” which she described as a “how-to guide” to “get the right mindset to be successful if you’re in the creative field.” With a scarcity of ladies surrounding Mia to start with phases of her music profession, the dance music sensation needed to depend on herself to domesticate this mindset. 

“It was at all times, ‘Oh, she only got that because her manager is so and so, or this deal happened because of so and so and so and so and so and so,” Mia said. “And it’s like, by no means actually trying to honor me — that I’m truly the expertise…I nonetheless managed to get right here by myself and rejoice my accomplishments.” 

Mia Martina
Mia Martina teased that she has “lots of books coming” and known as writing a “new passion” of hers whereas talking with HollywoodLife.

After that have, Mia didn’t merely need to pursue an unbiased path — she “needed” to. “You can’t create when you have all these feelings or these limitations or nobody to turn to or talk to, because you’re in a male-dominant circle,” she advised us. “And that’s what made me change. And that’s what made me go independent. And doing so was very, very hard. But I learned so much. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Because now I actually know what my purpose is. And I know I wake up every day knowing that, ‘Yeah, maybe I have to struggle a bit more. And I have a lot more on my plate. But at least I’m doing it with my integrity and my direction and I feel good.’ Like I go to sleep happy.”

While Mia launched her music profession amid these setbacks, she nonetheless seems again on the track that put her “on the map” — “Stereo Love’ — with nothing but sweet nostalgia. “It’s such a beautiful feeling, knowing that that song has touched so many people and so many people have great memories. And I was so fortunate to travel the world and to live my dream. So I’m forever grateful for that,” Mia stated, after celebrating the track’s tenth anniversary in Oct. 2020. She added, “When I think back at 2010 it’s like, ‘Wow, that was my like, star-aligning moment, basically, for this journey. And I’m just filled with gratitude. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m so blessed.” 

Fast ahead greater than 10 years later, and Mia has undergone an “evolution” since her debut single that additionally got here with a music video that has amassed greater than 467 million views through the years. “I was also very young when [“Stereo Love”] got here out. So like now, my songwriting — it has positively much more substance and expertise. And total, I’m simply extra skilled,” Mia advised us. 

You’ll be capable of hear this advanced sound in her new EP popping out in May of 2021. It’s a brand new sort of dance music: not fairly rave EDM, however moderately, it’s her personal style that she labels as champagne music. “Because when you hear it, you’re gonna want to have a glass of champagne, and you’re gonna want to be on a beat and you’re gonna want to dance,” she defined.

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The upcoming EP will replicate a extra “sophisticated” sound for the reason that days of “Stereo Love” and “Latin Moon” within the early 2010’s. While Mia needed to take an unbiased path to get up to now, she desires her new e book to function the mentor that she as a younger lady from her small Canadian hometown, Saint-Ignace, didn’t have entry to.

“Imagine if we would have had a mentor, how much easier things would have been…but we didn’t have that. And luckily, we’re here today, but if I can help a girl that’s super talented, and just has these big dreams and aspirations, why wouldn’t I do it?,” Mia advised HollywoodLife. “Like, there’s abundance everywhere…and that’s kind of what [Ky-Lee and I] want to do this…to help this raise awareness. Because I believe once you reach a level of success, and you’re out there, it’s your duty to give back. And that’s where I am in my life.” 

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