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Exclusive! Rahul Roy’s first interview in recovery phase: Off cigarettes and sweets, I am feeling much better now – Times of India

We have seen just a few movies of Rahul Roy in the current previous after he suffered a mind stroke in December 2020 and even learn just a few of his quotes, however there hasn’t been a full-size interview but. ETimes will get you the first one, and boy, touchwood, Roy has recovered rather a lot! He isn’t just coherent however fairly lucid as effectively. He is trying good too. His sister Priyanka sits by his aspect for ethical help as we start our dialog with the ‘Aashiqui’ actor.

Begins Rahul, “I am fine, feeling much better now. I think I’ll be fully alright in the next 2-3 months. Priyanka has been with me on this journey steadfastly.” And what’s he consuming? Pat comes the reply, “Everything. The doctor has told me to eat everything.” The caring sister chips in to say, “No, he has to be almost totally off non-vegetarian food. He’s allowed some salmon fish though, but no chicken for sure. And of course, he has to eat a lot of greens and fiber. It was not a small stroke, it was a moderate one. It settled down, but there’s always a risk that it can recur. So we do not take risks; we don’t listen to him when he asks for chicken and bacon or whatever he likes but is not permitted. He even loves eating sweets, he can eat a kilo of sweets in one go, but now he’s off that as well.”


Exclusive! Rahul Roy's First Interview in Recovery Phase: "I am off cigarettes and sweets"

Rahul has additionally gone off cigarettes. “I have realised how bad it is for health, so no smoking anymore.” Priyanka returns to say, “He used to finish one full packet of cigarettes every day otherwise, maybe even two.” Rahul grins sheepishly. Continues, Priyanka, “He is trying to give up his old habits. He’s learning to give up. We are constantly monitoring him. I sleep for barely two hours every day.”

Coming to the continued ‘Bigg Boss 14’, which can air its finale episode tonight, Rahul says that he supported Rubina Dilaik earlier however not anymore. “She was No 4 on my list, but not after Aly Goni entered the scene. I think Aly enjoys a very good support till date. I want either Aly Goni or Rahul Vaidya to win.”

Priyanka has a hearty chortle at our subsequent query to Rahul: Would you have got gone to ‘Bigg Boss 14 if that they had given you a name as they did to different former contestants, well being withstanding? Rahul shoots again, “No, not at all. I have done it and seen it all. Why again? No novelty!”

Rahul says that he has realized throughout his convalescence interval that the one individuals who have stood by him consistently have been Priyanka, his brother Rohit and his brother-in-law Romeer. “I keep looking forward to speaking to only them. I always knew that these were my only four who would always stand by me and I have been proved correct. I shall keep in touch with others hereafter but not so much,” he asserts.

Will he deep-dive into motion pictures as soon as he is totally match? ‘”Yes, I want to be back in movies. There’s one film that I have done, wherein I will be able to change my romantic image and appear in a new avatar. I had finished shooting for it before December (Rahul even underwent a six-month workshop for this one). It’s something that I was waiting for nearly 10-11 years. I am not supposed to divulge more about it yet. And, then there’s another film which is Tanvir Ahmed’s ‘Night and Fog’ and it’s very high on content; I want to do content-driven films. I am also open to OTT. But I won’t sign up just about everything that comes my way. The storytelling has changed and I want to go through the process of making crucial decisions in this regard. I am done with the type of stuff that I did, I want to keep up with the times,” says Rahul.

It would not have been proper to maintain him longer, whereas there little question have been so much of questions that we may have requested.

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