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Derick Dillard Slams The Duggars & Claims The ‘Public Was Deceived’ After Josh’s Molestation Scandal

Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard has come out swinging towards TLC and her dad Jim-Bob, saying his spouse’s spinoff was only a ‘rebranding’ after ’19 Kids and Counting’ was cancelled following Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal.

Jill Duggar‘s husband Derick Dillard is spilling some serious tea about how Jill and Jessa: Counting On was nothing more than a rebranding by TLC after the network cancelled  19 Kids and Counting in 2015 following eldest son  Josh Duggar‘s confession to molesting four of his sisters. The 32-year-old — who has been married to Jill since 2014 — had plenty to say on Twitter, including how they weren’t paid for his or her spinoff present.

Derick responded to a number of Twitter chains discussing the cancellation of 19 Kids and the way the spinoff in regards to the older Duggar kids isn’t even of their management. When a consumer named Tamera wrote, “If you cancel one show cancel all. Why should Jessa and Ben or John an abbie suffer. That’s my point Josh and his parents have nothing to do with the other kids. Leave their show alone. Josh was already removed from the original show. Counting On doesn’t even talk about him.” Derick was fast to reply, “It’s the parents’ show, you know that, right?” about Counting On.

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar
Derick Dillard claims his spouse Jill Duggar’s TLC present ‘Counting On’ was nothing however a ‘rebranding’ of the cancelled ’19 Kids & Counting.’ Photo credit score: TLC.

When Tamara then tweeted, “Josh is grown. He’s responsible for his actions not his parents siblings anyone,” Derick hit again that it wasn’t simply Josh’s molestation scandal that allegedly precipitated 19 Kids to be axed. “Then why was 19K&C cancelled if it wasn’t related to them?” Derick responded about how household patriarch Jim-Bob and spouse Michelle Duggar allegedly nonetheless have management over the present Duggar TLC reveals. He then went on to name Counting On nothing greater than a rebranding, and alleged that Jim-Bob was the one receiving funds for the present as an alternative of his daughters and sons-in-law.

Derick Dillard
Derick Dillard claims ‘Counting On’ is Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar’s ‘show’ despite the fact that it’s in regards to the household’s older daughters.

When a fan named Carolyn jumped in to inform Derick, “I get your point. To me it seemed to be a rebranding. Early on you saw very little of JB and Michelle and little by little they were getting more air time. The focus should have been on the older kids and leave the parents out of it,” about Counting On. Derick mentioned she hit the nail on the top, and claimed that he and Jill had been “threatened” after they pushed again about Jill’s dad and mom involvement.

“Yes, that’s exactly what they called it — a rebranding. Same business structure as 19K&C (I.e., one person makes the decisions for all and one person got paid) but it would be ‘rebranded’ to make people think it was different. We pushed back often, and we were threatened often,” he responded. Derick then identified, “If you’ll notice, we refused to go to the photo shoot for the intro of the show, ‘Jill & Jessa: counting on’ That’s why we weren’t in the intro, but had to do the shows. Finally, we called their bluff and quit. Will explain more later in a different context.”

Derek Dillard
Derek Dillard claims ‘Counting On’ was nothing greater than a rebranding of ’19 Kids & Counting’ following that present’s cancellation amid Josh Duggar’s 2015 molestation scandal.

When one other consumer mentioned that they thought that Josh’s molestation scandal was dealt with “well” by TLC and Josh’s dad and mom, Derick fired again, “How do you know how it was handled? It was not handled well. The public was deceived. Their plan worked. And we were told to keep filming and keep our mouths shut. We called their bluff and left.”

The similar fan hit again claiming it was  Derick and Jill’s choice to depart Counting On and they need to let the opposite Duggar siblings who stayed with the present “be.” That’s when Derick responded, “How do you know they’re not trying to leave? They didn’t know what we knew when we knew it. As I’ve said before, we were told to not talk to the others about what we learned. And based on our history, I don’t know what scare tactics are used on the others to keep them compliant.”

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