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Karnataka: Many schools unsure about staggered timings, using bus stops to ease jams – Times of India

BENGALURU: The by no means-ending bottlenecks on Bengaluru roads throughout faculty hours, with buses and oldsters dropping youngsters on the roads, have discovered a point out within the new parking coverage accepted for the town. The coverage has advised means to counter the issue, which many, nevertheless, really feel aren’t sensible.

It has identified that a big quantity of schools should not have area for choose up-and-drop facility inside their premises, which leads to mother and father and personal vans stopping on the kerb edge, creating bottlenecks.

In order to tackle this downside, schools have been suggested to stagger class timings of numerous grades in order that “the load experienced by roads during opening and closing hours is distributed over a few off-peak hours”. It has additionally advised faculty managements put together a circulation plan for choose up and drops inside the faculty premises.

The coverage suggests current faculty managements discover area for his or her buses inside their premises or different non-public areas in a single to two years. If they’re unable to discover then schools should put together a plan for choose up and drop on the nearest bus cease/ bay.

If there isn’t a area to park buses, schools ought to rent buses from BMTC or every other operator, who runs buses all through the day. While these are the principles for current schools, the coverage counsel new ones have their very own area for choose up/drop and parking areas.

However, many working within the area consider quite a bit of these options are impractical. “It’s highly impractical to make students walk till a bus stop to get into a vehicle. No parent will allow this considering safety issues. The same problem lies with hiring BMTC buses, especially during Covid times, as parents will be cautious about hygiene. The only way is for the government to support these private schools with some space so that they can park the vehicles during idle hours,” stated Manoj Padikkal, chairman, south zone, member, Prawaas coordination committee.

“While it’s a welcome move by the government to think about parking facilities in schools, many of the solutions for existing schools are not viable. They have been there for ages and to find space now is not possible. Instead, the policy should have looked at making parking space mandatory for upcoming schools,” stated Mansoor Ali Khan, secretary, Managements of CBSE Schools Association.

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