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Forget “Back to Normal”—It’s Time to Rebound

The following is an excerpt from Rebound: A Playbook for Rebuilding Agency, Accelerating Learning Recovery, and Rethinking Schools, a brand new guide by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Dominique Smith, and John Hattie. Right now, you possibly can order the guide with 25% off and free delivery utilizing the code WAT25. There’s a model only for directors, too, referred to as Leading the Rebound: 20+ Must-Dos to Restart Teaching and Learning.

You have been stretched. You have been pulled. You have been via the wringer, examined, and examined once more. You most likely really feel like a rubber band, holding it collectively however below loads of stress. But the issue with the rubber band analogy is that this: They both break or they return to their former form. Neither are good choices for you, your loved ones, or your college students. We want to see and really feel the thrill of studying once more. We want to interact with our colleagues once more. But we additionally want to heal from the traumatic experiences which have formed the latest previous.

It’s time to rebound.

We selected this phrase as a result of it permits us to acknowledge that there’ll at all times be an impression from the experiences we’ve had. There shall be a long-lasting impact from the time we quarantined and had been remoted. There shall be a long-lasting impression from seeing a few of our college students and colleagues undergo. We could have suffered. We have been modified.

But the phrase rebound additionally acknowledges that there will be growing worth and energy following a decline, setback, or adversity. There is a bounce-back notion contained inside the phrase rebound. Rebound asks us to think about what labored nicely, what didn’t, what we want to protect from the prequarantine, and what we want to cherish throughout quarantine educating. Rebound means we will return to the pre-COVID world, or we will be taught from it and create higher. After all, why would we would like to return to inequitable college programs once we can construct one thing totally different? We use the time period rebound within the sense of “our health is on the rebound.” That is, we will be taught from pandemic educating to come again higher.

It’s too trite to say that point will heal all wounds.

These wounds are a part of us now, however they don’t have to outline our future.

In order to rebound, we want to handle the collective experiences we have now had, together with those who had been traumatic, and rebuild our sense of self. We want to assist our college students do the identical. And we want to get better and reassemble our college students’ studying. We can select to see this as a chance to positively change education and studying for extra college students. To accomplish that, we want to take what we have now realized and create a brand new language of education. Let’s not merely return to college however moderately return to college stronger and higher. Our faculties are on the rebound.

For extra methods on how to create a ‘better normal,’ try Rebound, Grades 6-12, A Playbook For Rebuilding Agency, Accelerating Learning Recovery, and Rethinking Schools and Leading The Rebound: 20+ Must-Dos to Restart Teaching and Learning. Use code WAT25 for 25% off and free delivery.

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