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Bespoke eLearning: When Your Brain Speaks To Your Heart

Bespoke eLearning

It is clear from the truth that the identical idea when taught apparently reveals rather more studying affect than plain or boring content material. Interest and consumer engagement play a serious function in studying. One of the numerous methods for consumer engagement is customization and personalization of content material. Here comes the idea of off-the-shelf and bespoke eLearning. To perceive the idea, let’s take the instance of two firms X and Y, and an eLearning service supplier P.

Suppose X is a retail financial institution and Y is a non-banking monetary institute that offers in automobile and residential mortgage financing. Both of them want to coach their staff on KYC and AML pointers as per the federal government norms. They method P for an eLearning program on KYC/AML. P gives them two choices: an off-the-shelf KYC/AML module and a bespoke module.

The off-the-shelf module is able to be deployed and prices much less. The content material is a normal coaching module on KYC and AML pointers. There won’t be any industry-specific examples or eventualities. So if X and Y select the off-the-shelf module, then they may get the identical module with the identical appear and feel and the identical content material. However, in the event that they select the bespoke mode, the content material will likely be personalised, as per the consumer’s {industry} and examples, eventualities, and different company-specific particulars will be added as deemed needed.

Thus, firm X’s module will embody examples and eventualities pertaining to retail banking prospects and the way the principles apply to them. On the opposite hand, that of firm Y will embody examples and eventualities pertaining to automobile and residential mortgage prospects and the way the principles apply to them. So, the module for firm X will appear and feel totally different than the module for firm Y although each will primarily leverage the identical technical data.

In a nutshell, bespoke or customized eLearning modules are tailor-made to cater to a selected viewers whereas off-the-shelf is generic. There is a big demand for off-the-shelf modules. However, many of the industries want bespoke eLearning as there are lots of benefits.

Key Features Of Bespoke eLearning

Before we focus on the advantages of bespoke eLearning, let’s take a look at a number of the key options of bespoke eLearning that distinguish it from off-the-shelf modules:

  • Branding
    Bespoke modules have the group’s branding, thus making it extra acquainted and relatable.
  • Familiarity
    Bespoke modules have an organization-specific design and User Interface, which isn’t doable in off-the-shelf modules. This makes the navigation and User Interface acquainted for the viewers.
  • Voice over accent
    Bespoke modules can have a most popular voice over accent, as per the viewers.
  • Content and tutorial technique
    A bespoke module can have a tailor-made content material and tutorial technique.

The key options of bespoke modules are customization and personalization. Let’s now have a look at what advantages will be reaped from this function:

  • Maximum studying affect
    The studying consequence shouldn’t be solely depending on technical content material, but additionally on how the content material is introduced and the way nicely the consumer engages with the content material. Bespoke eLearning ticks all of the packing containers right here because it permits most tailoring of the content material and tutorial technique as per the consumer profile. Thus, it maximizes the training affect.
  • The solely choice for organization-specific content material
    Bespoke eLearning is the one viable choice in terms of imparting studying on organization-specific content material.
  • User-centric design
    Bespoke modules will be designed in a user-centric method reasonably than a content-centric method. This makes an enormous distinction in consumer engagement and maximizing studying outcomes.
  • Control on price
    Off-the-shelf modules include a hard and fast price. Bespoke modules will be created as per funds.
  • Content updates
    If the content material will get up to date, off-the-shelf fashions change into ineffective however bespoke modules will be modified as required, both in-house or by using a studying accomplice.

Disadvantages Of Bespoke Modules

Despite all the advantages, bespoke modules have some drawbacks. Let’s have a look at a few of these:

  • High preliminary price
    Bespoke modules are rather more expensive, as all the price of manufacturing is borne by the group. Off-the-shelf modules have a really minimal price.
  • Deployment time
    Bespoke modules take a very long time for deployment, as all the module is constructed from scratch.
  • Project administration
    Creating bespoke modules entails lots of actions even when outsourced. This could eat the manufacturing time of topic consultants and different workers.
  • Lack of universality
    Off-the-shelf modules use {industry} consultants who come from totally different backgrounds and thus contribute to the flexibility of the content material. Bespoke modules are normally created by a single professional and thus could comprise bias.


Doubtless, bespoke eLearning goes to be the best way even when the content material is generic in nature, whereas off-the-shelf modules provide a cost-benefit. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The potentialities with bespoke eLearning are limitless.



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