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Now Resolve Wellbeing Issues with Tech-Based Data Analytics

Joygraphy, a singular start-up that’s into particular person and organisational wellbeing was launched on just lately. The well-tech start-up leverages progressive tech instruments and analysis and information analytics for incisive evaluation of real-life conditions and comes up with clever and good interventions thus providing sensible options to any challenge that challenges wellbeing.

R to L: Abhijit Dabhade, Co-founder and CEO and Dr. Vishal Ghule, Chief Research Officer

An consequence of about 3 years’ passionate analysis by Founders Abhijit Dabhade and Dr. Vishal Ghule alongside with a workforce of psychologists and enterprise specialists, Joygraphy is a completely automated and technology-driven platform. It affords analytical intelligence to people and organisations resulting in improved productiveness by way of efficient conflict-resolution.

During the 3-year foundational analysis, Joygraphy workforce had mapped 174 human behaviour traits and 414 sub-elements and measured them throughout 250,000 information factors. The analysis lined elements of Asia, Europe, UK and the US. This huge train gave the Joygraphy workforce insights into 6 key wellbeing areas of day-to-day human life the place crises usually crop up.

“The key wellbeing areas include workplace, career, physical and mental health, emotional issues, relationships and values. We developed these assessment tools based on the standard norms of the American Psychological Association (APA),” mentioned Joygraphy CEO Abhijit Dabhade. “Most real-life problems are the result of conventional choices system of thinking,” he added.

Most persons are influenced by or are victims of ‘typical decisions system of considering‘ and therefore any resolution on any challenge and the success outlined by this method are based mostly on exterior requirements. “Whereas, the most satisfied and happy people are the ones who have followed the internal standards,” asserted Dabhade.

“There are many pervasive issues like burnout, work-life balance, mind-body disconnect, relationship crisis, career blues and issues that challenge emotional wellbeing. They can affect individuals and organisations. Our objective is to create awareness both at individual and organizational levels so that there is no conflict,” knowledgeable Joygraphy Co-founder and Chief Research Officer, Dr. Vishal Ghule.

Joygraphy just lately had carried out its Workplace Wellbeing Assessment and Analytics at a number one Mumbai-based HR Consultancy agency, Opportune HR. Dhawni Mehta, Co-founder and Director Opportune HR mentioned the correct evaluation of all key elements reveals that the instruments are correct and validated. “We now look forward to interventional workshops from them,” Mehta added.

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

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